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Robert Houston, Attorney/Mediator, Victoria, TX
Within a half hour I saw your passion for what you are doing, and I knew you were a person I wanted to work with. Conflict resolution is what I’m moving into, after a long, successful career as a litigator. At this time, however, I want new approaches to how to think about conflict and about how to work with people in conflict situations. I get both from you.

What I most appreciate about working with you is the combination of what you have – your intellectual capacity for what you offer, and your passion for what you are doing. What you do is important, and you do it as a calling, not as a job.

I most value your honesty. It’s what I look for first in people I work with. I know you will tell me the truth about what is right, and what is wrong, in what I’m doing. You are open and straight forward about yourself and I trust you will be with me, too.

Our first meeting was pivotal. Within a half hour of our talking, you were sharing your passion for the work you do. Because of your openness and passion, I knew I could trust and believe you and what you offer.

As a result of our working together, I am more open to how people are different, and am more aware that understanding their differences is important in working with them.

I would absolutely recommend you to others, and without reservation. You have both the intellectual capacity and commitment to what you are doing, to be relied on.

It’s important to me that you are an experienced, practicing attorney. As a lawyer, I am trained to think a certain way. In moving into conflict resolution, I have to learn a whole new way of thinking about people, problems and issues. Your experience as an attorney allows you to bridge what is normally a wide understanding gap between the two disciplines. Because of your legal expertise, you and I can speak the same language, while you teach me a new one.The kind of training and consulting you do are absolutely helpful to attorneys who are not mediators. Even if one’s world revolves around winning and losing, it is always helpful to have insights into how other people react or reason in response to conflict. Your skills in understanding and teaching principles of conflict resolution are helpful to any person who has to deal with conflict.

Barbara Ann Michael, Attorney/Mediator, Santa Fe, NM
I learned so much from your presentation …. It was very well organized, very well presented, very sequential, done in a way where everyone could understand. I wanted to compliment you on that and thank you.

Additional testimonials about the Engaging Conflicts Blog

Colm Brannigan, L.L. M. (ADR), C. Med., Ontario, Canada
Your blog is really well set out… Your writing is crisp and overall it conveys expertise in a very pleasant and useful way. I have been looking at tons of blogs over the last year as I prepare to launch mine and yours is certainly one of the best out there.

Victoria Pynchon, JD, LLM
publisher of the Settle It Now Negotiation Blog